The Objective

To help Marilelli Brand Sauce, a leading brand in artisanal authentic Italian pasta souse, build their website and online sales channel


Time Period:

2 Months


  • Analyze customer buying segments and personas
  • Analyze competitive brand strategies
  • Reverse engineer competitor sales funnels and offers
  • Build omni-channel experience using paid media and email marketing
  • A/B test pricing and product packages
  • A/B test page layout and design experience
  • A/B test advertising messages and calls-to-action
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increase monthly recurring revenue in 2 months
  • Accelerate growth with clear and actionable insights into visitor behaviour
  • Supercharge your conversion optimization program with new data-backed test ideas
  • Increase your revenue month-over-month with data-driven experiments
  • Stop wasting money and identify website conversion leaks you don’t know exist

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