How [Anonymous] Increased Lead Conversion Rates 163% in a Single Experiment


This conversion rate optimization case study is about how the team at ConversionAdvocates increased lead conversion rate on our client’s Home Page by 163%.





Digital Signage

Business Type:

Lead Generation



A leading digital signage company providing turnkey solutions for enterprises.

Experiment Summary

Learning Objectives:

How do optimizing the form length and format, and center all CTAs of the Home Page to the same action will impact the engagement of the page visitors?

Increase in Lead Conversion Rates
Conversion Objectives:

Micro Conversion Increase the total lead generation conversion rate for the entire website.

Macro Conversion Increase engagement with the form.

Primary Insight:

Insert text here

Primary Hypothesis:

 If all CTAs are redirecting to the same lead generation path and that the form is simplified then the visitors will engage more with the form and conversions will increase.

Increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue
Information Chanels:

Google Analytics, Google Optimize

Experiment Type:

A/B Test



  • 163% Increase in Lead Conversion Rate
  • A major lead increase on the digital signage software page, another sales page on the website.
Performed by:


The Challenge

Many different paths to conversion

This lead generation client had many different paths to conversion starting from their home page. These included several pop-up forms, a page with a four-step contact form, a contact us page, quote requests, and several additional calls-to-action throughout the website. From the home page, a user could choose any of these potential paths via multiple calls-to-action with different captions on each.

The challenge was understanding which conversion paths had been the most successful, which had not, and then finding a way to leverage this information to maximize total lead generation conversions for the client.

Using our proprietary IIEA framework we were able to uncover opportunities to increase lead conversion rates of 163% in a single experiment.

IIEA Step 1

| Gather Insights

Contact form opportunity

By studying the metrics of each of these paths, we noticed that the page with the four-step contact form had been converting at rates more than double that of any other page on the website.


IIEA Step 2

| Hypothesis Ideation

Based on the findings, we formulated our primary and secondary hypothesis for the experiment.

Primary Hypothesis:

If all CTAs on the home page focus on the same action then website visitors would be less distracted and more likely to go through the buying process.

Secondary Hypothesis:

If the lead generation path from the home page was focusing on the top performing conversion path then website visitors would be more likely to go through the buying process.

IIEA Step 3

| Experiment Creation

In our experiment, we’ve created an optimized variation of the home page with the following changes.

  • Removed the lower performing calls-to-action
  • Added a four-step contact form directly on the home page itself
  • Rather than linking the home page to multiple quote requests and contact us pages, user attention was now directed to a single lead generation area and users could now convert directly on the home page itself without visiting a second page.

Our objective was to increase lead generation conversion rates overall.  We measured a single conversion rate for all contact forms on the website, comparing the original version to the new home page design.  The aim was to improve overall lead generation performance, from all possible conversion paths.


IIEA Step 4

| Analysis

After running the experiment for approximately 2 weeks, our hypothesis was proven TRUE with a 93% confidence level that experiment results will continue.

Highlights From the Experiment Analysis

Overall conversion rate improvement of 163% over the Original.

Increase in Lead Conversion Rates

Final Optimize results.

Increase in Lead Conversion Rates

Total leads more than doubled.

In Total Leads

Positive uplift starting day one.


Page views of the second highest converting page increased.


Visitors to Variant “Software” page converted 171% higher (Second Page).

Increase in Second Page Conversion Rates

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