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In a world where major buisness decisions are made based on feelings, best practices, and a series of unhealthy assumptions, there is a need for a team to breakthrough the noise.

A team, to not only support every decision with data and experimentation, but also to bring cohesiveness and structure to the convoluted business ecosystem that seems to work in silos, each department focused on their own best interests.

At ConversionAdvocates, our loyalities lie within the research, data, and experiment results. We act like the strategic HUB, bringing all of the moving pieces in your business ecosystem together creating one clear, cohesive, data-driven strategy; helping you uncover revenue opportunities, gain
insights into your visitors behaviour, and accelerate your growth faster than you can do in-house.

Keep reading to learn more about the expert multidiciplinary CRO team that is going to help take your company to the moon!

About us

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Outside the box

Have an idea? Run it as an experiment. It will give you the motivation to explore your idea more aggressively, the freedom to fail without judgement, and an opportunity to learn more than any other approach.

Why We Exist

Too Many Business Decisions Are Made Based on Opinion, Instead Of Research, Data & Experiments.

The problem is, everyone has an opinion. But those opinions mean nothing if they’re not backed by researched & data, continuously measured, and often challenged.

Because in order to INVEST in marketing and SCALE any business with CONFIDENCE, there are 3 things every business needs:

  • Research – You need a process of gathering data and information about every decision BEFORE you make it.
  • Measure – You need to know what to track, where to track, and how you’re going to use the information that comes out of it.
  • Challenge – You need a process that continuously challenges your business to optimize, improve, and fine tune your systems.

At ConversionAdvocates, Our Team Will Help You Uncover & Explore Opportunities That Drive Business Growth

And since 2014, we’ve helped 100’s of businesses, in widely varying industries, increase conversion rates, gain insights into their customers, and grow their revenue month-over-month. Our goal is to help you do the same.


Who We Are


Account Manager

Yulia Nudga

Yulia is a math prodigy and engineer by heart. She spent three years teaching Math in China and traveling the world. Before joining Conversion Advocates, she was the Head of an HR department for more than two years – managing over 100 employees. With her strong analytical skills and adventurous nature, she is a perfect fit for our company!


Head Data Scientist

Bradley Rodé

Bradley Rodé is the lead data scientist at Conversion Advocates. He studied business analytics at Pepperdine University and political science at UCLA. When not watching NBA games at two in the morning his local time, you can find him studying Bayesian inference or training Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Africa.


UX Copywriter

Erin McGinnis

Erin hails from just outside of Boston, MA. When she’s not meeting with new clients and working on client projects, she likes spending time with her cats, reading, camping, and eating donuts.


Web Developer

Denis Sorokin

Denis Sorokin is a Web Developer at Conversion Advocates. He’s the youngest member of our team, but don’t let his youthful exterior fool you! Denis has been programming competitively for 5 years now and is highly passionate about building awesome products that benefit not only clients but their customers as well.
Denis is always open to communication, loves sharing ideas, and selflessly puts in a lot of effort into the success of the team.


ux/ui designer

Dariia Oleshchenko

Dariia is an innovative designer with an eye for detail and a knack for solving problems of each project she tackles. She enjoys seeing her designs come to life and change the behavioral habits of customers. She draws inspiration from anime, classic literature, and fantasy movies.



Raphaëlle Sirhan Daneau

Though she doesn’t stand much taller than 5’1″, Raphaëlle is a force to be reckoned with. She’s the COO and head of strategy at ConversionAdvocates – and she’s the co-founder. Raphaëlle has an intense drive to succeed, and moves with purpose. Raphaëlle loves snowboarding and has been training Muay Thai for years now – it’s her favorite way to let off steam! She can usually be found sipping wine and reading up on marketing trends.



Sina Fak

Sina Fak is an optimizer and business intelligence professional with a passion for data and experiments. He believes breakthrough moments happen when people, teams, and organizations leverage their data to run elegant experiments that challenge assumptions, uncover learnings, and drive growth. In his spare time, he loves to read and write about psychology, human behavior, design thinking, user experience design (UX), digital transformation and strategy.

  • Accelerate growth with clear and actionable insights into visitor behaviour
  • Supercharge your conversion optimization program with new data-backed test ideas
  • Increase your revenue month-over-month with data-driven experiments
  • Stop wasting money and identify website conversion leaks you don’t know exist

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