We are changing the way businesses look at their business.

Who we are

In a world full of “sales consultants,” there is a need for a team to not only talk about the right way to implement conversion marketing tactics but also become strategic partners with our clients and work alongside them.

Our agency is focused on helping you increase the engagement and conversion rate on all of your online platforms. We deliver modern digital marketing strategy and tactics. We partner with our clients to imagine, design, implement, and acquire customers.

ConversionAdvocates was started by two smart people...

Meet Raphaëlle Sirhan

Meet Sina Fak

After working several years in the digital marketing space, Sina Fak and Raphaelle Sirhan discovered that there was clearly something missing from the equation in most digital marketing campaigns.

They realized that most marketing efforts failed because the information businesses used to created them were based on an assumption.

They assumed their customers: Who they were, where they hung out, and what they wanted.

They assumed their product: What it was, how it should work, and why people should buy it.

They assumed their marketing: Where I should spend, what it should communicate, and how it should look.

They assumed EVERYTHING.

And they were wrong.

Too many businesses were developing their marketing strategies around baseless assumptions. Not real data and information.

The problem is, everyone has an opinion.

But those opinions mean nothing if they’re not continuously researched, measured, and challenged.

Because in order to INVEST in marketing and SCALE any business with CONFIDENCE, there are 3 things every business needs:

Research– You need a process of gathering data and information about every decision BEFORE you make it.

Measure– You need to know what to track, where to track, and how you’re going to use the information that comes out of it.

Challenge– You need a process that continuously challenges your business to optimize, improve, and fine tune your systems.

If you don’t have all 3 of these elements in your business, you will continuously struggle and make bad decisions.

We created ConversionAdvocates as an attempt to uncover the mechanics of building a successful online business.

And since 2014, we’ve helped 100’s of businesses, in widely varying industries, do just that.

Our goal is to help you do the same.


If you’re interested in learning how to reliably, systematically, and continuously grow your business...

We want to help you.

And we know we can…

We weren’t ranked #4 out of 1733 Conversion Optimization Agencies worldwide, for nothing ;)

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What We Do

We help businesses understand how to increase conversions in an ever-changing world of new digital media. We help them create marketing campaigns that increase revenue and lead to a pipeline full of clients.

Our goal is to help you understand and implement the latest digital marketing strategies so you stay at the forefront of your industry. We can you show you how to reach more of your customers.

People who work with us also get these awesome benefits

- Data-driven insights on the ROR of every advertisement, every page, every email you send

- Greater confidence in all of your investments and hiring decisions

- A dedicated team of experts who know your business inside-and-out

- A partner to brainstorm and uncover new growth opportunities in your business

- A measurable system that produces predictable results, over and over again

  • Which means, instead of focusing on fixing shiny problems with shiny solutions, you focus on the parts of your business that you know offer the greatest ROR, methodically addressing them in priority, one by one

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