How Math Worksheet Land increased sales conversion of annual memberships by 53% in a single experiment


This case study shows how ConversionAdvocates increased sales conversion of membership plan by 53% on the Math Worksheet Land’s website.



Math Worksheet Land



Business Type:



Math Worksheet Land has the largest selection of math worksheets on the internet for teachers and tutors with students from preschool to high school.

Experiment Summary

Learning Objectives:

How optimizing the user search experience on the Home Page and page design will impact the engagement and sales conversion of membership plan on the website?

Increase in Sales Conversion Rates
Conversion Objectives:

Micro Conversion Increase CTR of the Home Page to the Sign Up. Increase engagement of the search bar on the Home Page page

Macro Conversion Increase sales conversion of annual membership plan

Primary Insight:

Reviewing 6 months of historical data, we identified users that are using the search bar are 4X more likely to convert than users who don’t use the search function on the website.

Primary Hypothesis:

If more people use the search bar function then membership plan sales conversion would increase.

Increase in Transaction Conversion Rate
Information Chanels:

Google Analytics, Google Optimize

Experiment Type:

A/B Test




53% Improvement in transactions conversion rates for the variant homepage over the original design

Search usage increased by 77% on the variant over the original

Users of search converted at rates 177% higher on the variant compared to the original

Non-search users converted 38% higher on the variant than original

More users were reaching the payment page: payment page visit conversion rates increased by 17% on the variant compared to the original

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The Challenge

Optimizing for an old school audience

Math Worksheet Land’s audience of elementary school teachers is not very tech-savvy. From previous experiments, we knew that if the website design was too modern or salesy, they would be turned off and bounce.

Instead, users tended to connect better with a very basic and Web 1.0 style of website design, which is an insight we confirmed in a previous experiment with the company.

In light of these constraints, we were able to use our propriety IIEA framework to uncover opportunities for increasing conversions of this very unique demographic of user.

IIEA Step 1

| Gather Insights

Unique behaviour data

Something that became apparent very quickly was that Math Worksheet Land customers were unique. They did not navigate or behave like typical users. Because of this, we had to overlay the quantitative insights gathered from our analysis with data from other experiments to draw more accurate insights.

From our analysis, we uncovered two important insights

Insight #1 | Reviewing the client’s data, we found that only 2.2% of visitors were using the search feature. There was no search bar on the home page, only a link to a search page via the website’s navigation bar.


Insight #2 | Despite this low usage, users of search had been over 4x more likely to convert, with conversion rates 458% higher than non-search users.


IIEA Step 2

| Hypothesis Ideation

Based on the findings, we formulated our primary and secondary hypothesis for the experiment.

Primary Hypothesis:

If more people are using the search bar function then membership plan sales conversion would increase.

Secondary Hypothesis:

If we can improve the presentation of MWSL’s value proposition while maintaining the original simplicity of the brand and design then users will be more likely to engage with the website and it’s content, resulting in higher conversions.

IIEA Step 3

| Experiment Creation

For this experiment, we created 2 variations in an attempt to improve engagement, session time, and the number of users who visit the Sign Up page. Variation 1 isolated for 1 of the 2 hypotheses so we could clearly identify which combination impacted user behaviour and sales conversion of membership plan.

Highlights of Variation 1 include:

  • Implementing the search bar directly in the navigation bar, at the top right of the page

The highlights of Variation 2 include:

  • Implementing the search bar directly in the navigation bar, at the top right of the page
  • A light redesign of page links and content sections
  • A redesigning the header and middle Call-to-action banner

IIEA Step 4

| Analysis

After running the experiment for 23 days, our hypothesis was proven TRUE with a 98% confidence level that experiment results will continue.

Highlights From the Experiment Analysis

Variant 2 finished as the overall leader, with a sales conversion of membership plan improvement of 52.62% over the original design.

Increase in Sales Conversion of Membership Plan

Variant 2’s addition of the search bar on the home page led to an increase in the percentage of visitors using search, finishing with 77% more sessions that used search than the original.

Increase in Search

The home page’s redesign not only improved conversion rates for search users, but non-search users as well.  The experiment finished with conversion rate improvements of 38% for non-search users and 177% for search users.

Increase in Conversion Rate for Search Users

Variant 2 led to an 8% increase in rates of sign-up page visits; more users were reaching the sign-up page on Variant 2 than on the original version.

Increase In Rates of Sign-up Page Visits

Variant 2 also led to a 17% increase in payment page visits over the original.  One explanation could be that when more users are using search and finding exactly what they are looking for (largest selection of math homework on the internet), they are then more likely to complete the conversion funnel to get their product.

Increase In Rates of Payment Page Visits

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