User experience fundamentals | How can landing page load time optimization increase revenue


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Is the page load time really that important for user experience? We think that the answer is obvious. 

But, does the page load time have an impact on the revenue? A happy user does not automatically mean a customer. Right? 

Although many factors influence conversion rates and revenue, page load time, believe it or not, is one of the crucial ones. So, today we will share with you an example of how two seconds can dramatically impact the overall user experience and profitability of your eCommerce business.

Landing Page Load Time vs Conversion Rates and Revenue

In this example, we see three landing pages. All of these pages come from the same website, and all of them sell similar products. Because of this, we can compare their:

  • Page load time,
  • Conversion rate,
  • Revenue.
A data report showing metrics ecommerce conversion rate, average page load time, and revenue of three top-visited landing pages.

We can see right away a correlation between the pages that have a higher load time and the conversion rate and revenue numbers:

  • First one has an 8.13-second load time and a 1.9% conversion rate.
  • The second one has a 10.19 second load time and a 0.64% conversion rate.
  • The third one has a 6.23 second load time and a 2.97% conversion rate.

This means that the first landing page that loads two seconds faster converts almost two and a half times higher than the second one. Furthermore, the third landing page that is 4 seconds faster than the first one converts 50% more, and four times more than the second one which loads almost 4 seconds longer.

All of this is a data-driven proof that proves beyond any doubt just how much page speed and page load time impacts the user experience and revenue consequently.

Some Final Thoughts

The best thing about this is that this is straightforward, easy-to-implement correction. You don’t need to split-test it, which means that you do not need to come up with different variations and variables. The only thing you need to do is to optimize the speed of your landing pages.

The data analytics will help you detect where is it happening on your website, or if there’s a problem only on some devices or even only on some versions of specific browsers. You just need to make sure to segment your data and pinpoint where the problem occurs by combining various reports.

You can be sure that the investment that you make to fix it will pay off, and you will keep enjoying the instant increase in revenue.

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