Five untapped sources of revenue hidden in your analytics with Sina Fak


Sina Fak, the founder of ConversionAdvocates, gets into details and shares some of his most valuable insights on how to maximize your profits by decrypting the hints hidden in the untapped piles of data collected by every business.

During the ReCart webinar series, Sina Fak talked about:

  • 5 ways your data can show you lost revenue and money-saving opportunities
  • How to leverage data to uncover working and optimize your strategy
  • How correctly segmenting your data impacts conversion metrics
  • Where to dig deep into the data to find problem areas to fix

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  • Accelerate growth with clear and actionable insights into visitor behaviour
  • Supercharge your conversion optimization program with new data-backed test ideas
  • Increase your revenue month-over-month with data-driven experiments
  • Stop wasting money and identify website conversion leaks you don’t know exist

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