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Data analytics play a decisive role in business growth. Here’s why:

  • Knowing what data you should track, narrows your digging through analytics.
  • Knowing where to dig saves your time.
  • More time means better focus.
  • Better focus means you’ll understand your data better.

Understanding your data means you’ll be able to find hidden revenue opportunities, and detect what’s working and what’s not.  But, what if you’re already doing this, making data-driven decisions, and still not getting results you want? Well, then you’re probably not segmenting your data correctly. 

Why Is Data Segmentation So Important

You probably heard countless times that data segmentation is a crucial step in the data analytics process. But has anyone told you why? 

Data segmentation is a crucial step in the data analytics process because the averages lie.  Click To Tweet

Averages represent the accumulation of many different moving parts. This is why they are not actionable, and why the won’t bring you closer to achieving your goals.

How to Escape From “Averages”

In order to escape these false, general percentages, you need to segment them. We will tell you exactly how!


You’re tracking your audience data. Instead of analyzing overall traffic, break it down by channels. And don’t stop there – break down those channels by device types. Ask yourself questions like how many of them are coming from desktop, android, iPhone, etc.? 

Then start asking questions like: 

  • What are the actions that one segment takes, and the other doesn’t
  • How do they differ in terms of engagement rate?
  • What about the conversion rate?

The more you break it down – the more precise answer you’ll get. Once you see that something is performing better, you’ll be able to ask yourself: “Why?” 

This will help you decide on the next course of actions. It will tell you exactly: 

Where and how should you invest your money,

  • What should you optimize, 
  • Is there something you should fix,
  • Should you do an A/B test.

Some Final Thoughts

There is no reason for wasting time making the wrong decisions based on averages. Start segmenting your data, and start finding new opportunities today. 

If you need some help turning collected information into business intelligence, don’t hesitate to download our free guide on “Translating Data Into Business Intelligence”.

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