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Continuous Improvement

Our Process

You want to increase revenues, drive growth, and make better, faster business decisions. We created a framework to help you do just that. Since 2013, we have used our proprietary IIEA Framework to help 100s of companies solve real business problems — from increasing conversions, to reducing costs, to better understanding their customers – using data they are already capturing. Using our process, we will help you:

  • Translate your data into business intelligence.

    As the volume and complexity of data your company captures increases, we help you make sense of the information you’re capturing, by giving you action-focused insights you need to make better, faster, more accurate decisions.
  • Increase revenues and reduce costs

    Using data-driven experimentation as a tool to increase business performance, we use an agile process to solve problems and find hidden revenue opportunities for your business — leading to more efficient use of advertising budget, greater scale, and higher profit margins.

  • Drive continuous growth and innovation

    As customer expectations change, acquisitions costs are increasing, and a growing number of competitors are disrupting your industry, we ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve by continuously improving your sales and marketing assets.

Exponential Results

The IIEA Framework In Action

Acting as a guide, the IIEA Framework allows your organization to tackle complex business problems using targeted experiments that translate data into actionable insights that achieve business objectives — increased revenue, lowered costs, more customers.

Step 1

Insight (IIEA)

Most businesses have access to more data than they realize. But the information your business captures is only valuable if you know what you’re looking for and how to find it.

That’s why the first step in the IIEA Framework is to uncover what data you already have available to you, and analyze what you can do with it. Our data science team uses advanced techniques, including using AI and Machine Learning, to generate new insights from data you’re already collecting from both quantitative and qualitative data sets, including:

How we find revenue opportunities

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Heat Maps
  • Session Recordings
  • Attribution models
  • Customer Research
  • Mouse Tracking
  • Visitor Profiles

We then systematically rank insights based on the strengths of evidence or information sources signaling you when insights are based on weak evidence or information sources.



Step 2

Ideation (IIEA)

Leveraging insights gathered in Step 1, our team of behavioural experts and CRO strategists will create an experiment road-map based on the unique objectives and performance metrics that are important to your company.

The IIEA Framework uses a series of criteria to evaluate and prioritize experiment ideas based on their potential for results and how aligned they are to the objectives of your organization.

Prioritizing experiments allow us to focus on the biggest leverage points and business multipliers, delivering even faster results for our clients.

Step 3

Experimentation (IIEA)

Once we’ve ranked the test ideas and have greater confidence in which ones will truly move the needle, our expert team handles the entire process for executing experiments — from page layout, to design, conversion copywriting, and development.

Using the IIEA Framework, we evaluate the quality of experiments before they are conducted by establishing important criteria such as, setting specific learning objectives, measurable metrics that determine the success or failure of an experiment; as well as evaluating the number of experiments you should run and how insights generated from an experiment (regardless of the results) will be used for future decisions and continuous improvement initiatives.

Because of our streamlined experimentation framework, working with us is faster than doing optimization in-house. So your team can focus on what they do best and leave the idea generation, experimentation, and data analysis to our experts — saving you time and money.


Step 4

Analysis (IIEA)

Each experiment delivers real results, produces new insights, and creates a cycle of continuous improvement and opportunity.

The analysis step has two purposes. The first purpose is to confirm our hypothesis and evaluate the key results and metrics your experiment did, or did not, meet. The second purpose is to learn and garner new insights for future experiments.

If the business objective is to increase revenue, and the experiment achieves this by increasing product page conversions, then the goal has been met and revenue gains would compound over the next months and years — possibly changing the whole trajectory of the business. And with even more experiments leading to more increases in revenue, you can see how valuable this cycle becomes.

However, another byproduct of running these experiments is new insights, new data, and new ways of looking at your business and customers. With each new experiment, we are gaining insights into what your customers want and new opportunities to improve their experience.

This leads to even greater momentum, equipping you and your team to make better, faster, more informed business decisions — now and in the future

Work Process

The Magic Behind The IIEA Framework

What is really exciting is that the IIEA Framework systematically generates new ideas and drives innovation, thereby allowing continuous improvement to take care of itself.


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