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Learn how to run tests that consistently increase your eCommerce revenues & conversion rates with confidence.

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A proven, organized & data-driven process that gives you confidence in every decision.


We've taken everything we've learned (from running 1000s of tests for 100s of eCommerce stores worldwide) and channelled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you the science behind conversion rate optimization, but supports you in the actual EXECUTION every step of the way.


ConversionAccelerator is more than just a training program.
It's an implementation program.


Yes, you will learn the science behind everything you do, but more importantly, you will have a proven and meticulously detailed step-by-step process in place. You will also have expert hands-on support to guide you in implementing what you learned.

In just 6 weeks, you will:

1) Gather data and insights about your business, audience and competitors.

2) Get clear of the ecosystem your business operates within.

3) Map out the relationship between sales and marketing asset in your business.

4) Identify the success and failure points within your sales and marketing processes.

5) Systematically improve sales, conversion rates and revenue throughout your business.

6) Scale and continuously optimize your business.

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Experience Powerful Proven Results

39% Increase in Conversion Rates

27% Increase in Conversion Rates

51% Increase in Conversion Rates

171% Increase in Conversion Rates

This course is for you if...

You are someone who is serious about changing how you run and how you make decisions for your business.

You are someone who is done with short cuts or overnight hacks and you are looking to do the necessary work that goes into testing and optimization long-term.

You are someone who values and invests in your education. You recognize that you can only get so far alone and are ready to work with a team that will challenge you, uncover your blind spots and push you further.

This course is not for you if…

You are continuously in information gathering mode and not ready to actually implement and try what you’ve learned.

You are not ready to let go of your ego and challenge every decision and idea you have to let the data make the final decision for you.

  • You are not ready to be held accountable and do the hard work. We take our role very seriously and when we speak with you, we expect that you’re ready to actually put in what’s required, even though it’s hard.

    You are not willing to invest in yourself but instead, you are looking to take shortcuts, cut corners and keep going the hard way.


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