Car Computer Exchange|Case Study

A step-by-step breakdown of how we increased Conversion Rates by 154.98% and Revenues by 46.73% per month

Many eCommerce businesses fail business because they don’t know how to generate traffic or because their product isn’t competitive.

But that wasn’t the case with Car Computer Exchange. The founder, a seasoned entrepreneur who had already started several online businesses generating over $1 Million in annual revenue – knew what he was doing.

What he didn’t know was how to increase the number of people who purchased for each dollar he spent to get them to his website. What he didn’t know was also how to improve his conversion rates and return on marketing.

The past 4 years, the Car Computer Exchange website has been converting visitors between 0.40% and 0.70% (Sales Conversion Rate = Number of Sales ÷ Number of Visitors).

But this meant that between 99.30% to 99.60% of people visited the website and never purchased!

While there is no exact industry standard, an average eCommerce business should convert between 2% and 5% of its visits into sales.

3 Burning Questions

Why were Car Computer Exchange conversion rates so much lower than the industry average?


How could we increase conversion rates without discounts and lowering prices?*


How can we increase revenues without compromising customer service or product quality?

*Remember that increasing conversion rates here isn’t the ultimate goal. If we dropped the price of Car Computers Exchange products to $1, we would certainly see an increase in conversion rates. But would it increase revenues overall? Probably not.

Here’s a snapshot of the average conversion rate through approximately 1 year.

We made several changes that increased conversion rates by 154.98% in just 1 month.


Here’s how we did it…

Step 1 | Analyze Current Website


Technique 1

We analyzed Car Computer Exchange customers to understand what information was most important to them before purchasing.

Technique 2

We used video-recording and heat-mapping software to see what sections of the page people were engaging most.

Step 2 | Wireframe Recommendations


Technique 3

We created urgency and put stronger calls to action.


Technique 4

We removed unnecessary distractions throughout the purchasing path and kept users on a single action we wanted them to take.


Technique 5

We demonstrated authority and trust throughout the website.

Step 3 | Implement Test Design


Technique 6

We focused our efforts on the most important pages to get immediate results.


The Results


Conversion rates Increased by 154.99%

Revenue Increased by 46.73%

Transactions Increased by 111%

Our work Isn't Finished Yet...

We managed to increase conversion rates only 0.60%, and while that doesn’t seem like much, it’s by turning the needle in multiple areas and making small adjustments that you achieve huge long-term in eCommerce.

By being proactive and continuously testing new assumptions, we will be able to find ways to:

Increase sales and revenue
Increase conversion rates
Decrease marketing costs
Increase customer loyalty and experience

<< Here’s a sample of the final design we’re going to be rolling out  and testing in the next few weeks.

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