39 Free Sample Questions That Will Change the Way You Look at Your Customers

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The following is a list of sample questions you can use to create Buyer Personas for your business. Each business is different so feel free to adjust or add questions that make sense with your unique situation.

In order to get the deepest understanding of your audience, make sure to ask the same questions for each segment of your target audience.

The objective is to understand the needs of your customers at different stages in their buying journey, so that you can coordinate marketing and sales activities accordingly.

Buyer Demographics

  1. What industry does your buyer work in?
  2. What positions they hold within the organization?
  3. What is their age?
  4. What is their gender?
  5. What is their annual income?
  6. What is their level of education?
  7. Where do they live?

Goals & Mindsets

  1. What are the business goals of your buyer?
  2. What are 5 life goals or life outcomes they desire?
  3. What are their interests?
  4. What are their regrets in life?
  5. What are their BIGGEST REAL FEARS?
  6. What are the goals (business or personal) that may affect their buying behaviour?
  7. What is a typical mindset of your buyer that may be good/bad for your company?
  8. What are some of the attitudes or preconceived notions of your buyers?
  9. How does your buyer’s mindset affect their buying decisions?


  1. What are some risks buyers consider before making a decision?
  2. How do your buyers balance the risks and rewards of their decision?
  3. What kind of products/services have your buyers bought in the past?
  4. What kind of products/services do they buy regularly?
  5. What are some of their favourite businesses/brands they connect with?
  6. What kind of sites do they visit online?
  7. Where do your buyers hangout socially?


  1. What are some common objections buyers will raise during the sales process?
  2. Why would a buyer decide that you are not their best option?
  3. Are there any unspoken/indirect reasons that could influence their decisions?


  1. What are the seasonal patterns within your buyers?
  2. What is the average buying cycle from start to finish? How long does it take?

Decision Making

  1. How many people take part in the decision-making process? Who are they? At what stages are they present?
  2. What other internal/external influencers are there?
  3. Who are the key stakeholders that will be impacted by the decision?

Information Channels & Requirements

  1. What data/information do buyers use to make decisions?
  2. How do buyers use this information?
  3. Who is the information shared with? How is it shared?
  4. Where do your buyers search for information?
  5. What are types of information that will affect buying decisions?
  6. How do buyers obtain and receive information?
  7. What are some external/offline resources they seek?
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